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NikitA - Mashina клип NikitA - Машина машены и даша

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and"The Sex Bombs In Pop Group NikitaIn a Slavic pop scene that tosses out a new sexed-up girl band every couple of months, the most recent queens of the genre are the two young ladies who comprise the duet Nikita, the latest project from mega-producer and impressario Yuriy Nikitin. Dasha's and Yulia's lithe, semi-nude bodies are plastered on posters all over Kyiv, Dasha herself is completely nude in all sorts of publications, and their revealing videos are in heavy rotation. What gives?The Nikita project, it turns out, was not a completely easy one to conceive for Yuriy Nikitin. At first he wanted a three-person group, but after seeing Dasha and Yulia, he settled for two. He wasn't planning to call them Nikita, either - he was gunning for Sirens or Divas - but the girls convinced him. It helps the act that the girls have their charms. Dasha is a former Playboy Playmate of the year and a former contestant on the hit TV show Star Factory, but it was her notoriously nude weather forecast on TV that brought her to the attention of Nikitin. Yulia Kavtaradze, who happens the mother of a little girl named Marharita, was one of the singers in the pop group A.R.M.I.Y.A. After her pregnancy, she says, she decided to eschew her old band and try something new. "I've changed a lot," she says. After giving birth to my daughter, I became older and more liberal. Yuriy Nikitin noticed that too and invited me on board."At this point, Nikita has more than one video out there, and the aim of each is to seduce new fans. Their style, in their own words, is 'pop-electro-sexy style', a formulation that's hard to argue with. The girls say that the songs and lyrics, which were written specially for them by Roman Babenko, reflect their actual characters. "I wouldn't say that our fans love us only for our appearance. Our appeal is more like a cocktail of our sexuality and our up-to-date music," says Yulia. That may be, but Dasha's nudity can be seen as a pretty brilliant PR move and has obvious and immediate appeal. As their background suggests, the girls separate themselves from the pack by their extreme emphasis on sexuality, which is no mean feat on a very underdressed Slavic girl-pop scene. Dasha's visits to the Playboy Mansion are certainly no secret, since pictures of her lounging around Hugh Hefner's pool naked are all over the Internet, and her spell as a weatherwoman came to an end after the show was called too vulgar by the government (she was caressing her body while she predicted the weather). Her underwear was the talk of the town the next day. "Now the producers want to change the show a little bit. I can't stroke my butt anymore, but I can stroke the map of Ukraine," Dasha jokes.Hanging Out With HefWhat's more, just before she left for the Playboy Mansion, the pop singer held a press conference at which she took off her top. The pictures, naturally, made it to the Internet, where they are available to any set of interested eyes. Shortly thereafter, so were her pictures from her official Playboy shoot. "All this heated up interest in our band," confesses Yulia. "Everyone was wondering whether Dasha slept with Playboy's owner, the legendary Hugh Hefner." Dasha, for her part, denies having had any sexual contact with Hefner. She does talk, however, about her long days wandering naked around the mansion, which she cites as the reason why she could hardly think about sex at all.Unfortunately, the Ukrainian sex diva didn't fulfill her promise to bring Hugh back home and show him her motherland. Another of Dasha's wishes - to live with Hefner, if he offered - didn't come true either. But she still has something to be proud of: "All the girls in the mansion were jealous, because Hugh spent almost all his time with me," says Dasha. Maybe she'll have better luck this December, when she flies to the States to comfort the aging Hef, who recently split with his beloved Holly Madison. While Dasha was away, Yulia had an opportunity to relax. She used her vacation time to visit her family in Georgia—she hadn't seen her father in 10 years. Such is the life of a pop star. While apart, the girls apparently missed each other so much, that Dasha gave a hot kiss to Yulia at the press conference dedicated to her return. Dasha also brought back a unique piece of jewelry -- a Playboy bunny made especially for Yulia. With their travels behind them, Nikita is working on their first album at Master and Servant studio and planning to shoot a new video "with a very popular man," whose identity they refused to divulge. In the future, Yulia and Dasha promise to make even franker videos: "No one can say that we'll be naked. But we'll be wearing some very suggestive outfits." In the interim, we somehow doubt Ukraine's tabloids will experience any shortage of scandalous photos".Vadim Mishkoriz

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